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Hydrogen-rich water is a great antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and reduces oxidative stress. In simple words, H2 rich water reduces premature aging and illnesses. And, because hydrogen is the smallest element in the universe, this makes it easy for the hydrogen to penetrate through body parts like neurons and the cell nuclei.

How much hydrogen water I can drink in a day?                                               

You can drink hydrogen water between 1-3 liters daily in a day.


Can pregnant women, babies, and the senior people drink hydrogen water?

Yes, provided the amount one drinks is not higher than prescribed by doctor. Moreover, the hydrogen-rich water helps in maintaining an adequate level of oxygen in body and has no contraindications.

Can I give hydrogen water to my pets?

Yes, you can! But make sure you change the water at least once in a day, As, after every 6 hours- the water loses its quality. In fact, Japan is one of those countries that sell special packaged hydrogen water for pets like cats and dogs.Or you can use special hydrogen water mini for same.

Can I use hydrogen water for cooking?

No, because when you boil water rich in H2, all the hydrogen evaporates and what you are left with is nothing more than a normal water.

Can I use the hydrogen water to make tea and infusions?

Yes, provided you heat the water and not boil it. This way, the electrolysis in water will remain charge and you can drink as much of it as you want in form of tea.

Does applying hydrogen water to the body affect the skin and scalp?

Yes, in a positive sense, hydrogen water removes free radicals from the skin. In fact, you can use a cloth or apply the H2 rich water directly to the skin. And, leave it for few minutes for effective results.

Does hydrogen water have any calories?

No, the hydrogen rich-alkaline water has no calories.

What is the pH of hydrogen water?

Just like normal water, the hydrogen water has the pH level of 7 or 7.5 that is quite similar to pH level of blood. In fact, hydrogen increases the pH level of water by half a point. And, you must drink pH neutral water in order to avoid the interference with the correct functioning of the body.

ph value of hydrogen water

Can I cool down hydrogen water in the freezer?

Yes, you can! But make sure you use the regular bottle made of glass, which is sealed and have no air gap. This will help is maintaining the hydrogen level, while it cools down.

Is hydrogen-rich alkaline water still H2O?

Although, water molecular structure can change, the water formula does not change when it is hydrogenated. If you good at chemistry then, you can better understand this theory:

Normal water has 12 to 14 molecules of H2O. And, if you are using hydrogen-rich water then, it has 6 molecules in small clusters, which forms a hexagonal water structure.

How much electricity a hydrogen water bottle consumes?

Surprisingly, noneas, the bottle has electrolysis- which automatically increases the hydrogen level in water!

Can you drink too much hydrogen water?

Probably yes because one cannot get too much H2 in the body. And, this is because excess hydrogen consumed by body is simply exhaled and does not accumulate in the body.

Hope, these answer for above queries helped in clearing your doubt as well!


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