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health product suit can collect and display many human physiological parameters such as blood pressure, SpO2, blood glucose, weight, ECG, temperature, urine routine, vital capacity, etc., as well as pedometer function, realize tele-medicine service through cellphone APP and expert diagnosis. User can select devices for health examination according to one’s health condition and send data to health cloud by 3G/4G/WiFi. User’s data can be downloaded by experts for diagnosis and diagnosis result can be sent to APP directly. User can check health report and diagnosis result by individual health homepage or directly by phone. User can communicate with expert on healthy platform, which means, expert can send health advice to user, and user can also consult doctors for health questions.



There are functions of ECG, NIBP, SPO2, TEMP, Height, Weight, blood glucose and pulse rate.

Quick and accurate detection
The test result is accurately and quickly, and you will know many indexes of your body in a few minutes.

Health File
History patient information will show on file and you will browse history health report.


History record

History record and new measurement data can be shown together by table or graph


Health cloud platform
Physical examination reports are stored into health cloud computing platform of date management center, and user can check the report at anytime and anywhere.




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