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derma pen microneedling device

  • Function of Derma Pen:a. Wrinkle Removal ; Scar and Acne Removal ; Rejuvenation Skin ; Stretch Marks Remove;b. For the narrow focus of the site can be treated(glabella, depth, wrinkle, scar);c. Shrink pores;d. treatment of stria gravidarum;e. skin lifting;f. improve wrinkle and fine lines;g. treatment of acne scars and healing wounds
  • The Micro Needle of depth can be adjusted(0.25mm-2.0mm);No cross infection, disposable needlesgreatly, greatly improved the treatment,No side effects.
  • Various Micro-needle mode to stimulate skin:a. strengthen skin to absorb beauty production, the absorbency of skin can be reach above 40 times, and improve acne scar more than 50%;the skin will be luster and elasticity, differ from laser or chemical substances, it is non invasive, can improve skin and enhances absorption.
  • Five different high speed and automatic high speed roll(max speed 4000~6000 turn per minute), producing Twelve delivery channels.
  • This enhances rejuvenation results and is far safer for the client because there is much less epidermal damage;Non-ablative, is just as effective as treatments such as Fractional Laser Therapy, IPL, and Chemical Peels


Micro Needle Derma Pen Needle Cartridge Needle Tips for Electric Micro Rolling Derma Stamp Therapy


Brand Name: Deciniee
Microneedle Length: 0.25mm
Material: Plastic
Power Source: electric

Speed: 5 levels

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